Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Alive and Well!

 I wanted to check in with a little update about my week and return to running.  I waited until Tues. to hit the roads again.  I'm really happy and feel very fortunate that I only missed 4 days of running.  Each of the days I missed my run, I ended up walking slowly for 30 minutes.  I was pleasantly surprised with the quick recovery.  The way I felt last Friday, I thought I would miss a minimum, of a week of running.

This weeks training:
Mon - walk 30, weights, planks
Tues. - easy 5 miles on hills, more planks
Wed. - 5 miles on the treadmill and weights
Thurs - unplanned tempo run.  As I was heading down the first hill of the 5 mile loop, heading to the 1 mile mark, I felt really good, and decided to run a 3 mile tempo run.  I am happy to report I ran 3 miles @ 8:11 pace on hills.  The 5 miles was at 8:23 avg. pace.  
Fri - 5 miles at 9:25 pace and had to keep slowing my pace (long run on Sat)
Sat. - 14.5 miles on rolling hills 9:11 avg pace (stopped the Garmin for H20 stops)  This was my first longish run since Jan. 3rd, which was 10 miles, REALLY slow, so I was a tad bit nervous.  At the end of the day, I was HAPPY!  Today I tried a Roctane for the first time.  Felt good the whole run so I'm assuming it was successful. More planks today.
Sun - Jennifer has been running on the horse trails near Laurel, MS for a while.  I've wanted to join her for months, but I've either been out of town, or had schedule conflicts.  Today, it FINALLY worked out for both of us.  We headed out to the trails, which is an hour from my house.  The last time I ran the trails was about 2 years ago.   Jennifer is great at navigating and she is strong on the trails.  We had a great time and a solid run.  We ended with 10.75 miles on rolling hills. (around 11:15 pace)

I end this week with 45 miles of running, 2 miles walking, 2 days lifting weights, and 2 days doing planks.  Feeling good about the quick return, and now I think I can finally start some quality training for the Snickers Albany, GA marathon.  6 wks doesn't leave a lot of time, but I'm totally up for the challenge and will "do what I can do".

This wk I will be running some hill repeats on Wed., a 5 mile race on Sat.,  and long on Sun.  Hope to get around 50 miles this week.  Yay!

* dropped my Christmas lbs., but still need to drop a few more to reach my Snickers goal.
* 7 days of 64 ounces of water, and 1 soda a day limit

today's "what I'm doing right"

* I iced after my trail run today
*I drank some green tea.


Chris K said...

Nice job on the water! That's huge for you. Wow, you had an awesome week. Go Ginny, Go Ginny!

Christine said...

WOw, great week!! I'm glad you are feeling better :)

Jill said...

What a great week, I think those 4 dayf off recharged and revived your legs:). So glad yo are feeling better! So fun that you got to meet up with Jennifer, too....and doing 10.75 after doing 14 is just amazing!

Jennifer said...

It was a fun day! I am hoping it works out that we can do this more, you are a great trail running partner!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Glad you're better - good to read you again! We're Wednesday hill pals!

Scarlett E said...

Very, very nice week. I'm glad you're feeling better.

HappyTrails said...

Glad you're back - looks like you had a strong week and got to have some fun with the Running Artist!!!

Petraruns said...

Really love your attitude and the today's what I'm doing right slot - that's a very positive attitude to take, I like it!

Jenn said...

Nice workouts!! I love those runs like your Thursday. Unplanned are sometimes the best!! Glad you had a great week! Good luck with the race on Saturday!

Johann said...

Great workouts, well done! I think 6 weeks will be enough for sure, you are strong. Happy training!

Terri said...

Great job on the Christmas weight. Mine is coming off so slowly. I bet it would help if I drank more water too. Great week!

Meg said...

Super, Ginny! I must meet you and Jennifer some day...and run trails with you both. It sounds like so much fun!
Great workouts this week. Congrats on the lbs. and mileage this week! It sounds like things are perking right along.

Christine said...

HI! :) Thanks for your comment :) I bought the DVD at Target, but heard Costco has it as well. And you can buy it at have fun!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. going to be visiting Montgomery for my daughter's dance competition Feb 4-6. I'm looking to do a 13 minle training run that weekend. Your pictures of blount cultural park make it seem like a good place to log a few miles. thanks for your insights.

Greg T- Decatur AL

Black Knight said...

A good week of training. The mileage is impressive. 6 weeks are enough. Good luck.