Friday, April 15, 2011

Working on it!

Ahh, the training.....trying to get in shape again.....1 baby step forward, then a week off from running - ..... steps backward, and missed my half marathon in Pensacola.    Not going to worry about it.  That's what the off season (the off season for distance) is about. I was able to lift weights during the wk offI walked and I biked. 

This week so far:

Monday - weights, planks, push-ups, squats and lunges, etc - 
 a few miles - 3.5 with some short, steep hill repeats
Tues. - 7 miles with 10 X 10-15 second "pick-ups"  - I would love to call them sprints, but today, I would say they do not qualify.
Wed. - 14 miles - yay - some distance - cool morning - I fear it will be one of the last.  weights, lunges, squats, planks, etc. 
Thurs - 3 miles easy
Fri - walk for 35 min., that's it so far.  I hope to do some core work, planks etc. later today.

short term goals:
*  get my weekly mileage back up  (will end with around 32 miles this week)
*  continue rotating track and hill repeats each week - shorter intervals  for 5ks - but adding more reps
last half marathon until the fall - 2 weeks away - no plans for time, just going to run a good, long tempo run.  :)

A few pics from recent runs 
 MS -taking advantage of a noon time run.  
too soon,  it will be too hot to run mid day.

LA - wildflowers or weeds blooming along Bayou Lafourche

I'm enjoying the spring training and I'm so very anxious to "get back in shape."  Loving the variety of the spring training.  Baby steps - I will get there.  It just takes time.  
To bloggers and friends running Boston on Monday - good luck my friends.  
Carpe Diem!


Teamarcia said...

Great week so far! No worries you're doing great!

Jill said...

Spring in the South is so very pretty - enjoy it while it lasts!! Happy Weekend!

Chris K said...

You should go take a picture of the houses I own in MS and post them. Jen runs by the neighborhood on occasion. Darn it, I can't remember the name of it now. Not sure why I even wrote that. Anyway, good luck Ginny. In life, I guess.

Chris K said...

I remember now...Acacia Oaks.

Chris K said...

No, I mean Acadia Oaks

Jenn said...

Oh my! Everything is so green in your pictures!! Everything is DEAD and brown and wet and depressing here!!

I know that anxious to get back in shape feeling but you are so smart about your training! Your body will love you for the little rest! Your week looks great!

Have a great weekend! I'm super pumped to virtually cheer on Monday!!!!

Terri said...

What great places you get to run! I'm doing the same with my training; trying to get my mileage back up and adding in tempo and hill work! This will be my first full summer here in the South(Houston) so I have a feeling it's going to be a learning curve w/ the training! Would love to hear your thoughts on dealing with the heat.

lindsay said...

Wow 14-miles on a wednesday morning! Impressive :)

I had a bad (slack) week and need to get back on the ball--marathon in a month yikes!

Irene said...

What a beautiful run!