Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Speed and Hills

After months and months of wanting to FOCUS on the 5k, I'm finally doing just that. :) :)  Obviously, it's not the ideal time for the best results because it's warming up quickly in the South.  The heat and humidity will not allow me to achieve my BEST results, but I'm happy to finally be totally focused on the 5k.  It's also perfect timing to work on some speed in the marathon off season.  

When I say focused, I guess I should say, as focused as this A.D.D. mind can achieve.  You see, even though, I'm focused on the 5k,  this weekend I have a half marathon on the schedule.  I registered for this one a few months ago.  I'm not focused on the half, so  it will be, more or less, just go and enjoy the day, not all out "race mode."   Yes, if the opportunity presents itself, it will quickly turn from a tempo run, to a race, but I will wait to see what the day holds (temperature, humidity,  and feel).  I am training through this race, and the training is totally focused on the 5k.   I am truly thankful I can go to a race relaxed and "just have some fun."  I know many runners who CAN NOT do this, but for myself, I'm happy that I can relax and enjoy.

I have an 8 week 5k program that I'm working on.   Finally, the hubs put together a program for me.  Typically, I put my programs together, but my hubby has a ton of knowledge (coaching and training) in the shorter races, so I wanted him to design a new 5k game plan for me, this go around.

This is what I've been up to: 
Week 1
Monday April 18th - 1.5 mile w/u (my warm ups and cool downs are always slow paced running), 4 X 200 @ :48 seconds with 30 second recovery.  4 X 400 @ 1:44 with 1 min recovery, and then 4 X 200 @ :49 seconds with 30 seconds recovery.  Then c/d to get 5.5 miles for the workout.  This is my first go around with SHORT recovery.  In the past, I have had equal recovery (ex. 200 followed by 200 recovery)  More recently, I have shortened the recovery to 1 min recovery between 200s.  This workout was very challenging.  The hubs ran the workout with me so that was a treat, but I think he had intentions of killing me with the 30 second recovery.    Typically, he doesn't run with me because he is too fast, but my repeat paces for this workout, equal his jogging pace.
Tues - walk 1 mile, 3 miles on the bike, and planks
Wed - Yoga, and 5.5 miles easy pace at lunch time
Thurs. - am -16 miles around 10:00 pace (Garmin wasn't charged), this is overkill for the 5k, but i wanted to get a 16 miler in prior to the half marathon on April 30th.  Thurs. evening I ran another 4 miles easy with the local running group.
Fri - walk 4 miles with a friend
Sat - ran 5 miles in South LA @ 4:00 pm - 84 degrees (heat training - trying to get ready for a hot and humid half marathon)
Sun - ran 4 miles around 3:30 pm - (heat training) In mile 3, I ran 10 X 10-15 second pick ups.
Totals - 5 mile walk, 3 mile bike, 1 yoga class, 40 miles running

Week 2
Monday April 25th - 3 miles easy am, weights, burpees, core work, lunges, and squats.  pm - 5.5 miles with Jen - hill repeats at Honeysuckle hill.  I ran 8 X Honeysuckle Hill, averaged 1:59 for the ups and jogged the downhills.  This is the hill that our small group was running last summer at 5:15 am.  I have battled this hill off and on through the years, but it's always been before daylight.  This is a tough hill for our area.  I think I like it better in the dark, you can't see the top.  :) :)  Tough workout, but I LOVE it!

Tues. - today I headed out with my heart rate monitor on, and decided to keep my heart rate really low today.  I will be running 200s tomorrow so with only 1 day of recovery, I wanted to be sure I was running a recovery run today.  It ended up being a super slow run.  I kept the heart rate at 130 and ended up running 11:00 min miles.  That had a "sting" to it, a sting to my ego,  but pace was not important today.   Recovery was the goal of the run.   

In the morning, when I am running 12 X 200 with 30 second recovery, I will be HAPPY that I had a "real" recovery run.  After the 200s, yoga, and weights on Wed.,  I will take it easy on Thurs. and Fri. to get ready for the Renaissance Half Marathon on Sat.


Tri-James said...

Heat training - I get that just walking around!

Which hill is honeysuckle hill?

Running and living said...

Yay for 5 K training! And nothing wrong with doing longer races as well, the endurance should help you in the 5K as well:) I don't see any tempos in your plan, but I am sure you'll add them in after the HM. Good luck!

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

I'm trying to focus on the 5k this summer, too. This is easily my worst distance so it needs work!

Jenn said...

I am almost a teeny tiny bit thinking I might like the 5K but just a teeny tiny bit....I might even like training for a 5K one day. Nope, I think the Minnesota sunshine today must be making me delirious....

Love your plan to focus on this for awhile! That short recovery is tough tough! I really struggle with that. Darn fast husbands:) I'm already getting paranoid about the heat. It was in the 50's here today and I was sweating like you wouldn't BELIEVE. Not looking forward to the 80's!!

Hope the half goes well for you this weekend!! Good Luck!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

BOOOOO hills ... necessary evil I guess. Nothing makes my legs hurt more! Great job on your training!

Meg said...

You are keeping yourself busy, busy, busy!! I'm going to work on some 5k training right now too, I'm excited to hear how it goes for you!!
I can't believe it's heating up already...we're still have some chilly weather!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

James - just sent you an email

A. M. - hubs made the schedule and he believes speed overrides tempo. He also considers my racing to be the tempo.

Jenn - it was 81 degrees yesterday for the hill repeats.

Amanda@runninghood said...

The 5k...ahh, yes. I spent too many year fearing this race so maybe just maybe I'll return to it and show it who is boss. ;) My husband (who just kicked my butt in the half marathon) is going to take on the 5k ...he just started his brain training 5k program today! He wants to run a 17 min...I say good luck honey! ;) I'll be happy with finally breaking 20 soon but he can just take his 17 minutes and carry on by himself. :)

S Elliewood said...

You're tough! Mississippi is hot and hilly! Much luck and enjoy the spring weather before high summer hits:)

Runblondie26 said...

Ugh, I find it so hard to go into a race without expecting a PR...logically I know that can't happen every time. You have great outlook!

Have fun this weekend!

Runwithme said...

Yesterday I ran with ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek on the beach at Gulf Shores. About a hundred people joined in and it was great. In all I ran about 28 minutes, barefooted, which was a new experience. Meeting Christopher McDougall, author of "Born to Run" was also neat. I'll see you this Saturday in Ridgeland for the half!

Jill said...

Happy for you that you're now able to focus on something you're wanted to for some time now; it's going to go great! 5Ks suck the lungs right out of me so it's great to hear someone likes them!

Good luck with the half this weekend....fun!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Hello Runwithme - please identify yourself, do you have a blog? How will I know who to look for on Sat?

Scott and Chris will be in Hattiesburg this evening. I will try to make it, but will be there with my cushion on. No barefoot for me.

lindsay said...

haha. i'm not a.d.d but i can't focus on one race distance either. i'd like to use that excuse to explain why i have yet to actually finish a training plan... :)

the heat and humidity is taking over already. but, we can still rock the speed work in the south!

ajh said...

I'm running a half this weekend that is not at all a focus race. I will race it but not kill it. This is a busy month, I have 5 races in all. Nuts! Good luck and have fun with the 5K you are training for.


Good luck this weekend! Thanks for the positive encouragement - can't wait to share the scoop with you via my mom :) Happy Running!