Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk to the Hand....II, and The Run Naked Tour Hattiesburg


and see what Running Sane is teaching her children.

Be Sure to go to her blog first.

Below you will find a recent pic of me at a 5k race with the race director.  Now it just so happens that the race director is also a pastor.   If you have visited Jenn's blog, now go down and see the pic.

So Sorry!
Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Not sure how that happened unless it was just an automatic impulse.   The Gimme Shelter 5k course he created has rolling hills, and then ends on an uphill.  Sorry Preacher Man, but I could NOT control that finger!  Or, it could have been because at this very race, I tied my 2008 personal record in the 5k.  If his (the guy I'm "pointing at") race hadn't ended on an uphill, Ginny would have a 2011 5k PR.  (do you know how hard it is to PR at my age??)  After this race, this preacher and his family left town.  Do you think I offended them?  Really, I'm sorry preacher man.

Seriously, the man in the picture is Phillip.  He is a preacher and he did move, and has a new church home.  Over the past couple of years we frequently talked "BQ shop"(you know the important stuff), and he became a good friend.  He and his family will be missed by Hattiesburg and our local running group.    Also, the course he created is actually my favorite 5k course in town.  Thanks Phillip!  We miss you already!

I have no idea WHAT that finger is really about.

At Christmas, my cousin, Laura gave me this book.
 The shortest book review ever.

About 70 pages into this book, it takes off, and you can't WAIT to see what happens.  

In March, I finished the book while on a relaxing trip to Panama City, FL.
 A couple of weeks ago, I found out that The Run Naked Tour would be making a stop in Hattiesburg.  

So last night, I went for a little run with this guy.
 Seriously, I was able to chat and go for a run with Scott Jurek.  He is so friendly and "down to earth."  What a treat for Hattiesburg!

Also, was able to run about 1/4 - 1/2 mile with this guy.
Author of Born to Run - Chris McDougall
My good friend, Vicki is just in front of me - we have been running the H'burg streets for many years.
So happy that I was able to make it to this event.  What a rare opportunity for our small city.  Fun night with friends!

Renaissance Half Marathon update:
just took a peek at the weather for Sat. am
Low to Mid 50's at 6:00 am start time

I think I may feel a little fever coming on.....

It may be bye bye tempo run, hello RACING
 I will decide Sat. am

Hello Weekend!


Tricia said...

way cool

Jennifer said...

Run your butt off Ginny!

Chris K said...

Ginny, that is very, very cool. I'm not big on running without a shirt, but McCougall doesn't look half bad. Looks like he's been doing some crunches. No, I am not gay.

misszippy said...

Ginny--Love all the pics! And it is SO cool that you got to do the naked tour! What fun. They are coming my way in July and I cannot wait to go.

I think you're going to hell, btw! ; )

HappyTrails said...

How sad the Preacher Man and his fam had to move - sounds like you all had tons of fun together!
And HOW COOL hanging with all the famous folk! Neat pictures and I am LOVING your skirt! :-)
Glad you guys are safe, too!

Jenn said...

Ah Ginny! Love it. We really are sisters!! Either that or you're actually my children's mother.....Thanks for the plug!

OMG-you're famous! What a great opportunity to meet and run with some superstars!!

Race fever-I get all excited when I see people excited about a race!!! Weather looks good! RACE RACE!!! Either way, I hope you have an AWESOME time! We are projected to have snow so I will be thinking of you while I drink coffee next to the fireplace....Enjoy your weekend girl! Try to keep that finger in check:)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Chris K - ha! I'm not gay either, but I have drooled over some famous blog abs, and even some female's legs.

misszippy - seriously - giving "the finger" to a pastor can't be good. Ha! Pray for me!

Happy Trails - thanks!

Karen said...

ha ha, maybe it was a subconscious thing with the finger :) Enjoy the race this weekend. Is that the one in Ridgeland? I thought about signing up as my Mom lives there. Have a great race!!!

Julie Ard James said...

I am laughing so hard about that finger!!!!! :) lol!!!!! you are an amazing woman!!! :) So inspiring!

Fran said...

That's so cool you got to meet those guys. I've heard about Chris a lot on different blogs lately. Must have been a great experience for you.

Good luck today!

lindsay said...

haha. funny how 'natural' this pose is... ;)

hope your half went well!

Julie said...

Ginny!!! So how and the hell is my Happy Feet blogger friend? I know that I have not been so good at keeping up with the blog sorry:) Lots of stuff going on and not enough time. I hope your race went fabulous on Saturday...can't wait for the race report! Hugs! I miss you!

Runwithme said...

I ran the Renaissance half today. What the cool temperatures gave the rolling hills took away! Still, I came within 28 seconds of a PR, so I was satisfied.