Thursday, July 2, 2009

Training Intensity Increases = Appetite Gone Crazy

Midway through my second week of training for SGM and suddenly, from out of nowhere the appetite beast "ISSSS BAACCKKK! I am picking up the intensity of my workouts, and I am adding some miles so I realize I need a more calories to be able to keep up the intensity, but all of the sudden on Tues. of this week, I am HUNGRY. I added some extra calories, some good choices, a few, not so good, just trying to fill up. Now my current weight loss has come to a STOP. I was able to drop the first 6 lbs without too much trouble, but now I am stalled out. The weekends continue to be an issue. I really do not feel like I am over eating (well maybe on the weekends), but the scale is not moving. Luckily, it's not moving up either. I am trying to up my protein intake to help with the increased appetite. Hopefully, that will work and I will continue on with the goal. I REALLY wanted to drop the weight before the training began so I was not trying to increase training and drop lbs. That is a LOT to ask of a girl, but I will continue on with the goal.

Week 2 training is going great. Tues. was another recovery day. I went for a bike ride at 11:30. It was such a beautiful day, breezy, hot, of course (it's south MS), but it was just nice to be out enjoying the beautiful day. Several times on my 10 mile loop, I wished I had the camera with me so I could share some pics with you. Maybe next time.

Wed. was the next scheduled hard day, tempo run. Last week I ran a 3 mile tempo, 5 miles total. This week I added a half mile to the tempo part. So today, I ran a 2 mile w/u, water stop, 3.5 mile tempo - 8:21, 8:16, 8:16, and 4:10,water, and then another 1.5 to finish with 7 miles. Before this run, I was a little nervous about it. I am not a big fan of the tempo run, but I think it is the missing link in my marathon training so I am committed to doing consistent tempo runs during this training cycle. I was anxious about adding the extra half mile this week. I actually felt good, well, as good as one can feel on a tempo run. The tempo part was on the flatter part of the 7 miles. My tempo pace was a little faster this week, than last week, yay!

Thurs. - today was my scheduled run with Amber. We ran 8 miles @ Canebrake. This is a rolling hill run. We chatted the run away and it was complete in no time. That's the great thing about a running partner. First, you have to show up, and then the time goes by fast.

Feeling really good about this week's training. My next hard run will be on Sat. This time I will be running mile repeats. It's been a really long time since I have run mile repeats. Mile repeats and tempo runs compete for the most dreaded workout award. I love track workouts, but I prefer anything from 800s down. I will start this week with 2 X 1 mile with 1 mile w/u and c/d. I probably will not even run them on the track. I will find a more entertaining mile somewhere, I'm sure.

I am getting the racing bug. Need to find a 5k soon. Starting to have race withdrawals. Maybe I can find a 5k this weekend instead of the dreaded mile repeats.


Natalie D said...

ya, I hear you about the training and eating. I feel hungry all the time. You are speedy!

Natalie D said...

(and thanks for stopping by my blog(lil runner)

Jennifer said...

At least you have a great excuse to eat! Your training is going so well, keep it up!