Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious - not me - I'm referring to the weekly mileage. The miles are coming "fast and furious." After the 16 on Sat., Sunday was going to be a lazy, easy day, but then Chad (Chad's the hubby) was motivated to lift weights so I thought it would be really good for me to do some weights while he is doing it too. So I had intended to concentrate on arm weights, but then I decided well I will just do a little leg stuff too. (I like to alternate so the arms rest, while I do the leg weights.) So I did primarily do arms, but I added some quad weights, and some squats and lunges. So needless to say after the 16 on hills and then the weights, the legs had a couple of things to say to me.

So Monday starts my week and I have 45 miles this week. So, Monday needs to be an easy 10 miler (as easy as a 10 miler can be). For the most part I felt good, but I could feel those legs. Went to yoga, feel the legs a little more. Need to get some extra rest Monday night.

Tues. - on the schedule today - a 5 mile tempo run with 10 miles total. I warm up with 2 miles @ 10:00 minute pace. Then the 5 mile tempo on the hills begins. It's hilly - want to get those hills in. I'm still running by heart rate. It took me a while to get my heart rate up to 161. It seemed that my legs didn't want to go fast enough on the hills to get my heart rate up to 161. It was really the downhills that created the problem. Anyway, I was at 1.5 miles before I was able to get my heart rate up. The tempo run went fairly well considering everything. (legs still a little tired, 10 miles on Monday, heat/humidity has returned, and the HILLS). My tempo miles went as follows: 7:57 - HR - 154, 8:51 - HR - 161 big hill area oops, but running by heart rate, 8:21 - HR - 161, 8:16 - HR - 162,
Mile 5 - NO GOOD OPTION - This mile had a long, gradual downhill, I am running what feels like, REALLY fast (did I say my legs are a little fatigued) to keep my heart rate up, my other option is to turn around and go up the hill which would immediately eliminate the heart rate issue. I opted to split the difference. I turned around and ran up for a little while and then finished downhill. Mile 5 8:10 -HR - 162.

So for the 5 mile tempo on the hills I averaged 8:19. I'll take that. I decided today was a great day to add another ice bath. So glad that I did. Feel so much better.

Currently, my biggest issue is I NEED A DRINK. Not even alcohol, just a Diet Coke. You see, I just ran out of DC's yesterday. I am going to try to not stock so many at the house anymore. I will allow myself some when I am "out and about" but I think it would be good to not to have an endless supply at the house. Now - anxiously trying to finish my work so I can go make deliveries and get the much needed drink.

Update on the weight goal - no movement so far this week. Dang it! But, no movement up is a good thing. With the extra miles, it's going to continue to be a tough challenge to get those final few off, but I am going to do it. No really, I'm not just saying it, before the St. George marathon (hopefully well before) I will be at my goal weight.


Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Wow, 5 tempo miles! I'd like to work up to that!

I looked at your sidebar and saw that we both ran in the Houston marathon last January. You're really close to your (and my!) goal of 3:50!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Tina - it's a small world isn't it. I really enjoyed Houston (could have been cooler for me, but I have issues with heat too, ha ha). You definitely can work up to those longer tempos. This year I have made it a serious commitment, because 1 - I hate tempo runs, and 2 - because I think, and hope it will help to get me to the next step with marathoning. So much to work on, so little time.

Crysnia said...

Ginny, you are my hero. I want to start running but I have very little time during the week. Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights and anytime on the weekend. What should I start with?

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I would recommend making a commitment to 3-4 days per week. If you want to, you can fit it in. I make it a priority and I do not give myself the option of going or not. For me, it's like brushing my teeth, it must be done.

I would recommend starting with 15-20 min. of exercise, maybe a 5 min. walk, 5 min run, and then 5 or 10 minute walk. Or you could start with 15 minutes - walk the first 5 min. to warm up, and then start alternating running 1-2 min, walking 1-2 minutes, do that and then the last 5 min. walk to cool down. There are MANY ways to start, but the main thing is to start slow, and gradually increase the time of running. Be careful to not do too much, too soon or you will get injured. Be sure you have good running shoes, and get out the door. That's the main thing, just get out the door. You can do it. Keep me posted. Good Luck!