Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strike Three - Almost!

So I continue to be plagued with near misses. I told you about the two recent, but separate lightning days, now Wed. I ran on the Longleaf Trail. It is a 42 mile, Rails To Trails, paved running/biking path in South MS. I haven't run here in a month or two because I want to train primarily on hills, and the trails are flat. I decided to run on the trail on Wed. because I needed to run mile repeats, and I do not like to run mile repeats on the track. So I am about 1/4-1/2 mile into my warm up and I am even with a snake with his head up. Thank the Lord that he was on defense because I am telling you, when I swerved he was less than a foot from my leg. He could have easily "made me his next victim." (NOTE to SELF - start caring your phone again. You would think after the lightning I would have my phone with me all of the time)

I am beginning to think the trail is infested with snakes(I know they like the pavement). I do not use the trail often, but a HIGH percentage of the time either I see a snake or someone warns me about a snake. Someone please put some garlic out or something.

So my first thoughts about these near misses. Are these all warning to give it up and stay at the house? OR, better yet, maybe these are mental building episodes? If I am lucky enough to make it to St. George, I'm choosing to use these "near misses" to my mental advantage. (playing in my mind in Oct. - "I have been through lightning, rain, near misses with snakes,extreme heat in June,50 mile weeks, etc. surely I can run and "finish" this race.")

So my training this week:
Monday am 7 miles - 1:02 8:53 average - 5 miles near race pace.
Monday pm - weights, push ups, core work.
Tues - 3 miles easy @ 9:49 pace (tried to go to yoga, class canceled, bummer)
Wed. am - snake day - 6 miles total - 4 X 1 mile 7:26, 7:37, 7:34, 7:25
Wed. pm - weights, squats, lunges, core work, push-ups, planks, and some yoga poses. - 8 miles with Amber

I have been feeling great all week until mid morning today (Thurs.). Now I am tired and need a nap. Diet Coke will have to do for now. (Note to self - do not turn to food to perk you up like you normally do)
Low point of the week today - 3.5 lbs from the goal. Baby Steps!
Luckily Fri is a non running day. I will either bike or run for 30 minutes and hope to get some extra rest.
Sat. - 16 miles to finish up my 40 for the week. Yay! Will let you know how the 16 miler goes. Hoping for no near misses, of any kind, on Sat.


Robbie & Kent said...

What a week! Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. It encourages me! I'm struggling right now with a sore hip and don't know why. I want to fill you in on a challenge you commented on my blog; please e-mail me. Keep up the good AND sharing your experiences.

Jennifer said...

Snakes are good luck! It means that good things will be coming your way, besides they eat rats! Your training is so well rounded, I think I'll get you to help me with a plan when I get back to running!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like I'm not the only one running into snakes!:)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Robbie - thanks - I sent you an email.

Jennifer - good things coming my way, I like that. Thanks - I do intentionally have a lot of variety which I think helps to make me a better runner, but just as important, the variety helps to keep the running from getting old. I look forward to the different types of running.

Darrell said...

Ginny, thanks for stopping by. No thanks on the snakes, Wow!

St. George is a great run. Just be sure to train for or at least be ready for the hills. Although it is net downhill there is still a fair share of up hill. I can be cold at the start but the bonfires are really neat. The views along the route are wonderful. You should do well there. It was my fastest marathon to date.

Rocket City is a great race too. Very well organized. Stay at the host hotel and you can walk out to the start minutes before the gun and you finish right back where you started.