Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recovered, Feeling Good & Dinner with College Friend

After starting the week a little tired, I am so happy to report Wed. and this morning I am feeling great. Ready to Go! Wed. am was my weekly am run with Amber. We ran in a hilly subdivision. Ok - I will be honest - we took some walking breaks. I thoroughly enjoyed every walk. I think it helped to create a very comfortable run after the 10 milers on Monday and Tues. All day Wed., I was surprised how I rebounded so quickly from the tired feeling from Monday and Tues.

So it's early Thurs. - feeling good - but this is a scheduled easy day. So even though I am "raring to go this morning" I will try to honor my rest day (probably 30 minute walk or bike). I have hill repeats on Friday am, and I want to be fresh for that run.

Monday I received an email from my first roommate from my college days at USM. She wanted to know if I would be available for dinner Wed. night. I was so excited for her to come to town. It's been several years since I have seen her. She did pass through town a few years ago and we had lunch. In 1986, (yicks!)she came from California to Southern MS on a tennis scholarship and her last semester, she ran cross country. (yes, she had some adjustments in MS.) I was on a volleyball scholarship. I was not much of a runner at the time, but I had run a few races and I always admired those who ran, and ran well. I met and started dating Chad that first semester @ USM. He was on a cross country/track scholarship. So, immediately, the three of us had running/fitness in common. They were the "real runners." I was the wanna be, occasional jogger. Anyway, because of her work, Heidi didn't make it to Hattiesburg until late Wed. night. We had a "much too short" visit. It was so nice to see her. Hopefully, now, her work will bring her back to the area a little more frequently and we will be able to have regular visits. (Heidi is a marathoner too)

Note: Heidi and Meg - this pic was painted by my sister Linde, after we visited Southern CA for the San Diego marathon. Balboa Park


Meg Runs said...

I also just found your blog, we have a lot in common, especially running!
That was neat that you reconnected with a room mate, that is always fun.

Hope your long run went well!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Meg - I posted this on your blog also, but I wanted to be sure you read it. The college roommate is from Encinitas too. I LOVED that area when we visited. Beautiful!

Small world!