Saturday, July 25, 2009

I LOVE a long run.

Nothing better than to get up to a few degrees cooler weather, have your hubby drop you off 16 miles up the road for a Sat. long run (knowing that you can be lazy the rest of the day, it's Sat.) Just me, the pavement, and my tunes. I LOVE IT. Let me also say, I do LOVE company on a long run, but a solo run is not bad either.

Thankfully, no near misses of any sort today. Halleluhah!

Plan for the day - run the first 4 slow around 9:30 pace and then I decided with the cool morning, to run the next 12 at race pace. I wanted to "test the waters" a little. So I ran the first 4 right on, at 9:30 pace (love my Garmin). Feeling good and ready to go. Next 12 as follows: 8:48, 8:51, 8:23, 8:37, 8:32, 9:04 - big hills, 8:50, 8:40, 8:51, 8:38, 8:43, 8:32. Yay! Loving that last one for sure.

You remember the doggie that followed me home? Well, Chad made it home yesterday, and we gave him a ride back to the area that he started to follow me last week. I mentioned to Chad that he would likely follow me again on my Sat. run, but we decided to go drop him off Friday evening. Sure enough, 6 miles from the house, doggie comes running up, happy to see his running buddy - ready to run. This time I am ready for him. I didn't want him to follow me home again, because I figured this time with the sunny morning, he was memorizing the directions to the house. So this time, I have my phone with me (so prepared) and I call Chad to see if he had made it back yet(after he dropped me off, he went to the track to run with Chris). He had, so I asked him to come and give doggie another ride home. I took a detour which worked out great for me. I took a right onto a road that I run sometimes (don't want doggie to get to close to "my road") This road is a slight uphill, but I was SOOOO looking forward to finishing my 16 miler on a downhill for a change, it made the gradual climb well worth it. If I finish my run as I normally run it, the last 1.5 miles, of the final 2 miles, is uphill. I dread it each and every long run. Especially now because I am trying so hard to finish all of my long runs a little faster than I have in the past. So thanks to the doggie detour, I was able to finish my long run on a slight downhill and then Chad picked me up. I had him drop me off again a half mile from the house to walk from there and let me legs stretch out a little, and cool down.

When I made it to the house Chad was busy preparing breakfast, mostly egg white eggs, with a little low fat cheese, and 1 T. bacon bits, and I started making the oat bran (1 serving - 1 c. water, cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, a little brown sugar - let this come of a soft boil then add 1/4 c. Oat Bran and cook for 2 min. Yummo!) I gobbled up the eggs, and then headed for my ice bath. Since the oat bran is warm, I decided to eat it while soaking in the mandatory ice bath (mandatory for 16 miles up). (If you need instructions, just let me know.) After ice bath, shower, and then 20 min. power nap. Good to go, good to blog. Ha Ha

Awesome run! Awesome week! Finished the 40 mile running goal today. Sunday will be easy bike or walk. Next week - moving up to 45 miles.

I took some nice pics today on the run with the phone, but I realized I do not have a cable to get them off the phone. You will need to use your imagination here. I have "poor man's cell phone" - no cell internet. Do you see the trend here, poor man's tv, poor man's phone. Life is good though, even with poor man's stuff. Maybe I can get the cable off of Ebay.


Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

I recently found your blog - glad I did...

That's a run you can be proud of! And that was a speedy last mile, too!

I hope your SGM training goes well!

Erin C. said...

Congrats on that last mile, Ginny! I run in an area where there aren't that many hills, so I confess that I rather enjoy the flat terrain but I am so impressed by runners like you who seem to tackle them effortlessly. Good luck with your goal!

Wendy said...

Great job this week!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thanks for stopping by you guys. Erin - I was like that many years ago, I would make every turn possible to avoid a hill. Now, I am not a great, or good hill runner, but I sort of have a goal to conquer them. It's like a few years back when I decided to conquer summer time running. Whether I every become a good hill runner or not, I know they will make me stronger. Plus I hear St. George has a lot of hills .... so I try to prepare. I LOVE the training and recently I am really enjoying blogging about my obsession.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for your help w/Team in Training. I think I will go to the information meeting and go from there. :)
That's awesome that you have done it 4 times!

Much Ado said...

I saw on Wendy's blog that you ran the Dublin Marathon and then noticed on your sidebar you did it in 2005!!!! Me too, the same year!!! I loved the atmosphere and I have to say that the Americans are the BEST for encouraging others during a race! :)