Saturday, August 1, 2009

The week of Aug 3rd is going to be "my week" I feel it!

First - the running updates.
Thurs - an easy day - easy walk 35 min.
Fri. - 2 mile w/u, 4 uphill repeats hard, 4 downhill repeats hard. First time on this hill. Let's just say, it was a real challenge. It is .37 long. This summer I have added downhill repeats (trying to prepare the quads for St. George). I never realized how taxing the running downhill can be on your legs. It really fatigues my legs quickly. This was a humid morning, but really, my legs were a much bigger issue than the heat. The heat really didn't bother me at all today. After the repeats I jogged some more to get 9.5 miles for the day. Fri pm - lifted weights, some core work, push ups, and a few lunges and squats.
Sat. - hubby and I signed up for a 5k in Pass Christian, MS. I was just going to have an easy way to finish up my mileage for the week. With the hill repeats on Fri. and lifting weights, I had no plans to run a fast 5k. We left the house at 5:30 and headed to the Coast. When we arrived at 7:10am it was already 80 degrees, with the humidity it had to be a crazy heat index this morning. Anytime, I go to the Coast, I can always feel the extra humidity. I needed 8.5 miles today to finish off my 45 miles for the week. Because I was not "racing" this 5k, I decided to run a little extra before the 5k. I ran 2.25 before the race. I ran the 5k - 24:48. The first mile was a gradual downhill. I ran it around 7:45. I slowed dramatically from there. I forgot that on Fri. I reset the Garmin and took the auto mile lap off while I was running the hill repeats, and then of course, I forgot to put the auto mile lap back on, so I have no splits for the race. Much slower on 2 and 3. I would have liked to have seen the splits because I did feel like I picked it up just a little on the last half mile so I would have liked to see the splits. O'well, no biggie.

So I finish the race, gasping for air, get some water and Gatorade, and realize, yikes, I have another 3.2 miles left, (yes, I used ever .1 I ran today). So I decided to run the 5k course again. So I start running, into the sun, look at the watch and it's 8:39 am. It's really HOT. I run my first c/d mile and then.....

OMG - I just mailed my Tupelo, full marathon entry on Tues. What have I done. Now it's about 8:50am and I am thinking I will still be running the full marathon at this time, will have a ways to go, and the Tupelo marathon is hilly (this 5k course was flat with a couple of very slight downhills) During this process today, I have readjusted my Tupelo marathon training run time. Currently, I am thinking about 10:00 min. I had been thinking 9:30. Depending on how severe the hills are, I may decide to go for 10:30 pace. BIG NOTE TO SELF - do some later morning runs that finish around 9:30-10:00 to prep for Tupelo. I thought I was already doing heat training, but after today, it was a great wake up call. Thankfully, I still have 5 weeks to get myself ready for the Hotter than Hell marathon. (Currently, my goal pace for St. George is under 9:00 min miles and St. George is "the goal" marathon)

This week in review.
Good things - 45 miles no real problems (a little tired in the 1st part of the week, but recovered nicely by mid week) 2.5 quality runs - I am giving the 5k today a .5 for quality because it was like a marathon tempo run. 1 yoga class, 2 days of core work, and 1 day of weights, push-ups, lunges, and squats. Sunday will definitely be a lazy day - 30 min. easy walk or bike.

Week of Aug. 3rd - I say this is my week because I have 50 miles, I have an 18 miler on Monday, and instead of the normal, run and pig out. I am going to do what the skinny bitches do - (you know who you are). You run, and you do allow some treats, but they are in moderation, sensible. I haven't done this in that last couple of marathons. I have done the "run and pig out routine." I am tired of not reaching my weight goal so I am going to use the extra mileage to make some headway. I am focused and determined. So yes, this is my week.


Meg Runs said...

Fun entry...

I love marathons with a lot of down hill, the downs are like gifts for all of those hills that you did! They are instant speed as long as you are ready for them! You have a lot of time to prepare!

Mailing that entry to a marathon or big race is so huge and sometimes emotional...what did I just do???

Eating!! I agree with everything you said! Now that I'm 44, I can't run any length of mileage and just eat what I want anymore! I had to start thinking about "food as fuel" and not just for fun. The first time I got that into my brain I was so disappointed..I love all food! Now, I just have to redirect myself and go back to the "my body is a machine, keep it running well." That only lasts a little while mind you! It's a daily thing for me. I LOVE SNACKING.

Sorry this is so long, love your blog! PS-How funny about Heidi/Encinitas and Balboa Park...small WORLD!

TRI-james said...

Even on the bike it feels like you have just stepped out of the shower!