Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chasing my next PR

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I have run my mileage for today (5 miles easy), I have visited, and had a big lunch with dessert.  Now time for a lazy afternoon.

Now my focus is on Sat.  I will be running the Stennis Half Marathon.  I have run this race several times, (full & half).  It's more or less become a thanksgiving weekend tradition.  I like to race 2 days after the Thanksgiving feast.  Makes me feel like I am "working it off."  Last year it was hot and HUMID for this race.  I have said all summer, I would not run this one, this year if it was under the same conditions as last year.  Ahhhh, I'm in luck.  It's going to be chilly.  Just the way I like to run a race.  Very Exciting!

Now comes my problem with "dual training."  On Sat. I will be 2 weeks away from the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL.  So if I race really hard, it can definitely impact my marathon.  But here's the thing...   I AM GOING TO RACE IT!  Why would I do this you say?  We'll... many reasons:
1. I'm kind of addicted to racing.
2. If I decided NOT to race the half this Sat, then 2 weeks from now, the weather may be hot and humid (I do not run well under those conditions). Then I would be upset that I had good weather conditions for the half and didn't go for the PR.
3.  Anything can happen in the next 2 weeks.  Race while you can, I say.
4. I just PR'ed in the full marathon, and I am not ready to go under 3:49, so the half marathon pr is more doable and realistic,  at this time.

Back to the problem with dual training:
training for the marathon - I ran 18 miles this past Sunday
training for the marathon - I have kept my mileage up this week.
If I was focused solely on the half marathon this Sat., I would not have run an 18 miler on the Sunday before a Sat. race.  Also, I would have tapered my mileage to really prep for the half marathon.
But..... did I mention the weather.... it's going to be great, so Ginny is going for it!  I go into it knowing all of these things:
* I did not taper and I have an 18 miler on my legs (but really - Sunday ends my week - so really the 18 miler was last week - working on my mental state here.)
* If I race Stennis really hard, I may mess up my full marathon.  (but really - this will just be a good tempo run, right?  - still working it mentally)
*If I did not "race" it, I would be sad and questioning why I let the possibility of a PR pass me by.
Yes, I'm a PR junkie.  I crave it and soon I will be old.

So again I say..... a flat, fast, a cool half marathon ....I'm Going For It!  "Why put off until later, what you may be able to do on Sat."

(a tiny little part of me will be smart about this race.  As I get into the race, if I see the PR is not going to happen, I will go to plan B, which will be to slow it down a little, and do some true marathon training.)

The possibilities are very exciting!
Oh, what's my half PR?  1:49:58 - 8:23 pace - Pensacola Half 2-15-09
I think I have 8:19 pace in me!

I am appreciating Amanda's Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.  It has me focusing on my fruits and veggies and making sure I get at least 7 per day.  This is a good thing, especially this time of year. 


Marathonman101108 said...

Everything you said makes sense to me. GO FOR IT! As I was reading your post, I was repeating "Ginny," "Ginny," "Ginny!" Funny how us runners always justify any races we do with point and counter-points. Then in the end, we do whatever the hell we want to! Good Luck, and I'm looking forward to your race report.

Meg Runs said...

What did I tell you? You just don't surprise me any more, you make me want to do crazy, brave, FUN and unabandoned things with running! I love it! Just this morning someone was trying to talk me down from doing a Jan. marathon and Boston and I just kept thinking of you girl. THANKS, you rock. You'll totally have the 8:19 pace in you! Chase it!

Katie said...

Good luck! You can definitely PR! Dual training can be challenging, but I actually think it helps a lot too. I've run some great races in preparation for a marathon that I ran awful! You just never can tell. Carpe Diem!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Marathonman - you got that right. When I am in dual training mode, I am so bad at justifying.

Meg - too funny! It's crazy, I know, and so far, I am lucky that I can "get away" with my foolish ways. So far it's worked to my advantage most of the time, but age is creeping up fast. I think that's what is driving me so hard lately. Tick tock, tick tock.

Thanks Katie! I hope so!

Jill said...

You will be fine to race the half - you still have two weeks to taper before Rocket City and all you say is exactly right! The weather is perfect for a PR for you....go for it girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hey your blog, it gives me goosebumps! I read it out loud to Terry this morning....we think you are so cool, I am so proud of you! I remember you as a little girl coming to over to visit were a spunky little girl and now you are a spunky 40 something gal.. GO GINNY.

shellyrm said...

Go for it!! You won't regret racing the half! I agree you have enough time between that you won't hurt your marathon! Go for it!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Ruth - I am so excited that you read my blog. It's my new hobby. I am really enjoying sharing all of my craziness. I can remember many years ago, trying to get you to go for a run with me. I don't think I was ever successful at that. I always LOVED going to your house for visits. I just love you and your family. Thanks - your post brightened my day.

Jill and Shelly - I hear ya and I will give it a whirl.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Get out there and run those miles at 8:19 tomorrow! Have fun!

That's a lot of fruits and veggies! After 7 servings of those, you won't have any more room for junk food!

Dennis said...

Great Attitude. Go For It!
Good Luck on that PR!

Staci Dombroski said...

Good luck on your race! I can't wait to hear about it :-)

Darrell said...

I totally agree with your reasoning on racing tomorrow. Go for it!

I PR's at a 10k the week before the Des Moines Marathon and I went sub 4:00 for the first time in 3 years. You can do it.

HappyTrails said...

After you PR tomorrow, you can worry about the marathon in two weeks. The fast half could actually give you a little bump before the full marathon. (Wouldn't know for sure because we don't marathon, but hey it sounds good!!)

As to your previous post, ever thought about a lightweight hydration pack? Holds "stuff", no driving around to hide bottles, holds more stuff, etc. We like stuff on runs...

lindsay said...

hope the race went well! i certainly understand the multi-racing dilemma. why can't we just pr at all of them? :)