Sunday, November 15, 2009

Childhood quote lives again today!

Isn't it funny how some things we say when we are kids seem to live with us forever?

When we were growing up we spent many summers in Gulf Shores, AL.  Near our house in Gulf Shores, there was a pit that was dug out and had a trampoline like tarp over the hole.  The hole was not very deep.  I can't remember the details, but we jumped on the netting, like it was a trampoline.  One day, apparently I was jumping, and did what we would call a "seat drop."  I am sure there is a better, more modern name for it today, but "back in the day" that was what we called it.  As I did the seat drop, apprarently I jumped too hard.  I can't remember if the netting broke or if I just jumped too hard, but I hit my booty on the ground.   Not sure how old I was at the time, but I said
Through the years, occasionally, someone in the family will bring it up and everyone has a good laugh.  We'll today, the saying would be perfect.   I was walking to my car to get my sunglasses so that I could head out for my run.  I stepped in some mud and my feet went flying out from under me.  I landed on my tail bone.  I immediately stood up.   My father-in-law was near by and he asked if I was ok.  "Yes, luckily, I think I am ok," I said to him. (shamed, of course)  With mud on my hands, buttox, and shirt,  I headed back in to change clothesAs I walked inside I noticed that I hit the ground pretty hard.  I could feel it in my tail bone, the lower part of my palm has a brush burn where I tried to catch myself, and I even noticed my teeth felt a little funny.  I guess my teeth hit together pretty hard upon impact.  I changed clothes, put them in the wash, and walked around a little just to make sure I was ok.  Back on track, and ready to head out for a run.   Today, I walked 1 mile, ran 6, and walked 1 more mile.  The walk was fine, feeling very lucky about my fall.  As I started running, I did notice a pain in my ankle.  After about a half mile it eased up, but I am thinking something happened in the fall.  I don't think it's anything major, but today I will ice it. (you know I have to ice if I feel anything, right?)  As I was running, the memory of "oh my root" came into my mind and I thought it was the perfect quote for the "seat drop" that I did today on the hard surface.
My other favorite childhood quote is:

"I'll call it "tree" if I want to!"
To get the full picture, I am the baby of the fam.   Most of the time, we would be talking about something and I would say something wrong, the wrong word, the wrong pronunciation, etc.  So the 2 older brothers, and 1 older sister would correct me.  When they corrected me, I would immediately say...
"I'll call it "tree" if I want to!" 
(I would say this no matter what the word or subject was)
Yes, I drove them crazy with this quote.
Made it back home from the run, took a shower, headed to Walley World, and back to blog.  As the day goes on, I can feel  my tail bone area, or very low back is bruised.  I hope it's only a bruise.  

Another great reminder to be happy, and thankful each day you can go out for a walk or a run.   The next run is not guaranteed.  

 Funny thing on the run today.  Today, I was finally able to do the my "bridge loop" again.  For most of the summer and fall, 2 of the bridges, over the bayou have been "closed" for repairs (although in South La it is said that the bridge is "open" when you can't go across.   I say that it is "closed" when you can't go across, because it is closed for vehicle traffic.  Both are correct in a way.  They open the bridges for boat traffic to pass.  So my husband and I agree, both are correct.  He is a native Louisianian and he laughed at me the first time I said the bridge is closed - he says no it's open. It's confusing!)   As I made it across the bridge, and I'm running up the other side of the bayou, I notice a motorcycle is slowing down, to roughly my pace.  As he gets close to me, I look over at him to see what he is doing.  He looks at me, smiles and says "8 mile per hour"  I laugh and wave and he takes off again.  8 mph!  Ha Ha - I soooo wish I could run 8 mph on a recovery run.  That would be sweet!  (I was actually @ 6 mph)  Funny!

This weeks recap:  25 miles running 16 miles walking -my walking mileage is up,  thanks to POTM (piling on the miles)

Monday - walk 2 miles
Tues. - 6 miles - 12 X 200 avg 48 seconds
Wed. - walk 4.5 miles
Thurs. - Jog 3 miles am, core work and push-ups, walk 2 miles pm
Fri - walk 5.5 miles
Sat. - was supposed to go to Gulfport to run a 5k, my car had other plans, dead battery.  Not happy, but decided a tempo run would be grand.  Haven't run a tempo run since St. George, other than 5ks.  I wanted to run 5 miles around 8:00 per mile or just over.  I could only make 4 miles @ tempo.  The 5ks are great, but I need those longer tempos for the marathon.  Dual training is fun, but not ideal.  I have been running speed work for 5ks.  I have been running long runs and total weekly mileage for the marathon.  While I am having fun doing both, I do it knowing that both areas will suffer the consequences.  I will not run my 5ks as fast as I might if I was focusing my entire training week on them.  Also, I will not be totally ready to run Huntsville, because I am lacking those longer, true marathon tempo runs.  O'well it's fun!  Ended up averaging 8:51 pace for the 10 miles which includes 2 miles w/u, 4 miles tempo around 8:15 average, and then running whatever I felt like for 3, and 1 mile c/d.  I feel good about getting some type of longer tempo run in.  I need those the most for marathons.
Sun- 6 mile run 2 mile walk, 10 min home yoga
I will get focused when I start training for Boston, until then, dual training it is!


Marathonman101108 said...

Great stories, thanks for sharing. OK, so you're about the 5th "blog buddy" of mine who's running Boston. I'm definitely going to go watch you and everyone else next April. I haven't been to Boston in about 20 years to watch the marathon, so I guess next year is as good a time as any. See you on April 19th!

Meg Runs said...

Cute story, you must have had to develop a thick skin and really stick up for yourself when you were little, I love that! Great runs this week, I hope your body is okay and that you are only a little bruised! Keep us posted on that.

HappyTrails said...

Thanks for sharing the fun stories - they made me smile as I remembered some of our own with the silly things we would say that still come up today. Hope the tailbone is ok - no fun when you hurt that. You are absolutely right to treasure each day no matter how mundane it might seem (or low mileage or slow it might be!) - each day is great!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Monday update - so far everything is great. No pain in the booty, yay! I will run later today to see how the ankle feels, but so far, I am a lucky girl.

Robbie said...

What a story! I sure hope nothing bad comes from it. I feel if you can do 8 miles (any kind of way) you are probably going to be fine. Sure am glad you didn't break something. I mean, how times do you get qualified for the Boston???

shellyrm said...

Funny stories...except for the actually falling part. Hopefully, nothing but your pride was actually hurt!