Saturday, August 15, 2009

August in Mississippi

Typical August Mississippi Run 
Do you see the steam in the air in the distance?
Friday's run was an easy 8 miler.  I decided to deviate from my plan just a little bit.  I had originally planned a Fri tempo run, but instead I decided to take it easy the rest of my step back week, get some extra rest, and get ready for next week, which will be my first ever attempt at a 55 mile week.   I will end my running mileage at 29 this week.
I decided to mix things up a little today.  In getting ready to run the Tupelo Marathon (as a training run) in Sept., I am incorporating some later morning runs.  I estimate that I should be finishing the marathon around 9:30 so I am doing some runs that finish around 9:30 am.  Before the run I got in some push ups, and some lunges.  Had intended to lift weights before the run, but ran out of time.  I wanted to be running by 8:10 am so that I would finish up around 9:30.  Then I headed to the weight room to finish my core work, weights, yoga poses, etc.  Nice easy run.  The heat was not really an issue at all with the slowed pace.
Friday afternoon I headed to South LA to fish a Sat redfish tournament with Chad.  Will post some picks soon.


Meg Runs said...

That is a gorgeous picture. I'd love to know more about the fishing tournament. How fun!

Sounds like you're getting VERY ready for your marathon. I'm so glad you love training, me too. It isn't always easy though.

HappyTrails said...

Very beautiful picture! Sounds like you have your training planned out nicely. Maybe you can share some of your yoga and resistant training specifics sometime???

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Aw, too bad, I wanted to read about how your 55 mile week is going. : ( Maybe you're too busy running to blog! : ) I certainly understand that!