Friday, August 21, 2009

A good run - NOT! Worst run of the summer, I hope!

Out of my whole training plan, this was the one that I really wanted to run, and run with some quality. I wanted to run most of this run at MRP (marathon race pace). As is so typical with my luck and running, Thurs. night's forecast low was 74, Friday night's forecast low 64. I'm just lucky like that. Why didn't I move my run to Sat. you ask? For a few reasons, with the biggest reason being...
1. a few years ago, I always started the week by looking at the extended forecast and planned my long run around the best day, the coolest day of the week. The thinking then was I would have a "better quality long run" which is true, but guess what? When I made it to race day it was HOT and I was not prepared. So after that experience, I plan my schedule and run all my runs with what I am given.
2. Yay! I am heading to Gulf Shores, AL (the beach) this evening. I could have run there, but it is always VERY humid there, and the cold front probably will not make it that far south.

So today was the day. 74 degrees, 81 heat index at 5:10 am, 96 % humidity. I have been training all summer in the heat, and recently running some later morning runs, so I really thought it would be a little tough, but I was ready for it. I decided to run the first 4 slow, and then I was going to attempt the last 16 miles at MRP or under 9:00 miles. First 4 - average pace 9:24, perfect. Miles 5-10 - 9:50 pace on hills - good. 10 mile turn around.
This is my favorite part of the run. I will take pics again on a pretty day. (just north of Charles and Audrey's house)

Feeling OK, but thinking I'm a LONG way from home.
I ran well until 14.5 miles.
This fun series of hills "got me" on the way back. Note - I am at the top of the hill. I had to walk up. Normally, it really slows me down, but I waddle up it eventually. Not today, had to walk up! Also note - you can not see a section of the hill, it is steep enough to disappear. In fact, a truck just went down the hill and is out of sight.
Miles 11-14 average pace 8:44 great. Then the hill. Then basically, I am done. Miles 15-17 around 9:44 pace. At this point, I decided to "give it up" for the day, but hubby left to go out of town, so I have to walk the final 3 miles home. Pouting the whole way. Why can't I learn to run in the heat and humidity. My heart says yes, you can do this, but my "heart beat" says you can not do this. DANG! Heart beat wins again.
So, today my 20 mile run/walk was complete in 3:55 minutes. Ironically, that is my goal for the St. George marathon, 26.2 miles. If the run had gone as planned today, with my water stops added into the time, I was planning on 3:05, 3:10 max. I hate it when a plan falls apart.
I think the heat, humidity, my first 55 mile week attempt, all added up to destruction today. ( I do not think hydration had any part to play. I had water, and/or Gatorade every 2-3 miles and Gu gels every 4-5 miles.) One other possibility, I was probably a little fast on some of the miles. I had several that were 8:37-8:44 pace. As much as I would LOVE to be able to run that, (I need to run 8:45 to qualify for Boston) I am not there, and may never be there, but definitely for now, I need to give it up, and try to run 8:55 consistently. (it's really hard for me to say and do that).
What about the 55 miles? I was supposed to run the 20 today, and only have 3 little miles for Sat. Guess what, I will get those other 3 miles I walked today if it kills me, I will get them. Either tonight, Sat. or Sun. I will at least salvage the week by obtaining the 55 mile week running goal. 6 miles to go!
After the run, I took my ice bath. When I got on Twitter, this is the first thing I read...
"Everything in life happens for a reason. It's all part of our journey of evolving into our highest self."
I know it was meant for more important things than a failed run, but it definitely applies, and I am going to use it to put this run behind me, move forward, and hope this run will be the worst run of the summer and fall.


Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

That's a long time running. I haven't looked at how long it took me to run 12.15 miles today - too scared!

What a pretty place to run! You'll need the hills for the St. George marathon. I had to walk 1/2 a mile home - that was too far. 3? No fun!

Hoping this was the worst one and the rest will be better! : )

HappyTrails said...

Yikes on the heat! How do you breathe??? I just can't handle the heat/humidity. Thank goodness Colorado is dry! Hey, even though the day didn't go as planned, you DID get 20 miles in your legs, regardless that the last 3 were walked. 20 miles is a LONG way - I have never run that far and am too lazy to probably want to run that far - LOL! Can you go back to that road and do a few repeats on the hilly sections? So you got your "bad" run out of your system - put it behind and go bust out a real fast few miles over the weekend and start fresh next week. You'll do it!
K :-)

Meg Runs said...

You are a very determined girl...still after those last three miles. It sounds like it was a challenging run but those are the ones that kind of give you the kick to keep working hard! Be proud of yourself for finishing the way you did and completing a big workout. My husband always says that when we forget the last hard, icky, bad run we're able to move on and concentrate on the next one and put our good energy into that one. I really believe that works for me...good luck on the next run!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Meg - hubby is right. It was nice to do the run on Friday and then head to the beach, where the bad run just melts away. Sat. am I did get my 6 easy miles to get my 55 mile week, so I focus on that instead. Yay!

Also, the very rare Aug. cool front helps to swiftly change your mood from gloom to "high steppin"