Friday, August 28, 2009

Scenes from my "daily fix" (running, biking, walking)

This week was a step back week as far as mileage, but I would not classify it as an easy week.  This week I started an unlimited month of yoga.  For me, yoga is not a cheap endeavor, but I really wanted to do the unlimited month leading up to St. George.  I timed it to coordinate with my taper in running, although the first 2 weeks will be prior to my taper, which creates a tough challenge.  In a routine conservation, with my hubby,  about my training, I mentioned to him that I was thinking about the unlimited month of yoga.  (poor thing - he endures many conversations about my training.  He is a runner too, but I am..., well..., I am..., let's just say... a tiny bit obsessed with it.)  He immediately says "you should,  it will keep you motivated during your last month of training."  Typically, I do not need any help in staying motivated with my marathon training.  Not sure why, but I just love it.  Anyway, I thought is was a very nice touch of "training support."  Also, a little while later,  he walks down the hall and gets some money out of "his" stash and hands me the money for the unlimited month.   We both spend as we desire, and I do have "my" stash of money, but it was a very generous thing for him to do.  Back to the expensive endeavor.  Well, it is expensive for me, so if I go unlimited, I feel a STRONG need and desire to "get my $$$'s worth."  So for the next month I will be going to as many yoga classes as I can fit into my training, and my schedule.
So the week went like this:
Monday - the 10 miler with 5 tempo miles
Tues. - started the unlimited month of yoga.
Tues - am run 6 in Bent Creek, yoga class pm
Wed. - yoga class am, 10 mile hilly bike ride pm
 This is a pretty pic from my bike ride.  Love the flowers - always!
Thurs. - am billboard run with Sheryl - 7.5 miles total - 1 mile w/u, 5 X .86 mile repeats on a hilly dirt road, 1 mile plus c/d  Running in Sheryl's dust all morning.  She is an awesome runner, 47 and flying. She ran a 5k pr this past Sat.  She came in 3rd place overall,  and ran 18:51.   Yes, 18:51, not a typo.   Definitely out of "my league", but it didn't matter to me, and I don't think it mattered to her either.  I like running with runners who are better than me.  I can learn stuff, be inspired, and maybe run a little bit faster because they are out in front.  Great workout.  See the billboard pic below?  Oh - TRUST ME when I say, " the pic does NOT do this last hill any justice."  It is REALLY tough.  I can barely keep running to get to the top.  In fact, you really can't call it running.  (ingenious name for the run, right?)

Thurs pm - hot power yoga.  95 degrees and fast paced class.
Fri - am 3.5 mile run to finish my running for this week at 27 miles.  Had to make some deliveries and pick ups for work, so back to yoga.  4th and final class of the week.

So it's Fri evening.  I have been loafing most of the afternoon, caught up with work, deliveries and pick-ups complete, running and yoga - check.  Now, I need to clean the house and do a few yard things, but mostly I plan to enjoy a lazy, restful weekend.  

CRAZY week next week - sneak peek - unlimited yoga, 60 miles, which includes a 26.2 mile training run at the Tupelo, MS marathon.  Yes, I said 60 and I said 26.2 mile training run.  I told you I'm a little crazy.  Now you are getting the picture.  Looking forward to it, after some R&R this weekend.  Yay!


Meg Runs said...

Ah, 60 miles!! Are you running the marathon as in racing or just taking it easy? Good thing you have your yoga for recovery and stretching...lucky girl and unlimited too!

Can't wait to hear about the training run. Next Saturday?

Stay happy, feet!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Definitely NOT racing, which is why I am so excited about it. I hope my St. George pace is under 9:00, maybe 8:55???? At Tupelo the plan is 10:00 maybe slower depending on the heat and the hills. It is on Sunday.

HappyTrails said...

We'll be looking forward to hearing about your Tupelo Training Run from next weekend. That should be great for the legs and the confidence before St. George. You'll have to share any really good new yoga moves you learn at the unlimited yoga class!

Much Ado said...

:) I went back and read that sentence again! - 60 miles and 26.2 TRAINING RUN!!!! Wow.

Do you find the yoga helpful for training? Just interested to know :)

lindsay said...

Eh you're not that crazy to me:) I ran a marathon while training for a marathon to help ensure I did a long run. I gave myself an out at 20 miles if I needed it but I finished the race instead. I'm just glad I'm not the only one with this training theory! Good luck with the 60mi this week and the race!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...


Much Ado - I am a BIG, HUGE, believer in yoga, especially for runners, but for anyone. For runners it strengthens the feet, it stretches all of your tight muscles and hips, it relaxes you. For me, I truly believe that it helps me to avoid some of the common runner injuries that most people encounter. (planter fasciitis, piriformis, IT Band) Also, it helps to strengthen the core which is helpful to running. Try to find a good teacher. Technique does matter, so it is helpful to learn from someone who is knowledgeable and someone who will correct you when you are not in the correct position.