Sunday, August 9, 2009

Critical Training - the next 4 weeks

South Louisiana Cemetery

If you haven't been to South LA, you will quickly notice the above ground tombs for burial. This was very interesting to me on my first trip to this area, about 23 years ago. (the area is at or below sea level, so you can not be buried underground)

I didn't post these pics today because of my mile repeats today, or because of the 50 miles this week, nope, I had taken them a few weeks back and just wanted to share. Today I had 6 miles left of my BIG 50 week. It's not my first time to get that mileage. When I trained for Houston (2009), I ran 3 50 mile weeks, but for me, it's still fairly new ground and it's - Pretty Exciting! Today, the dreaded mile repeats again. I mentioned to Chad Sat. night that I wanted to get an early start Sun. so that I could run some quality mile repeats, what did I do? I started my 6 mile run, in South LA, at 8:30 am, in Aug. (CRAZY - yes) No good excuse either, just sleep in a little, fooled around a little. You know, coffee, yogurt w/ almonds, send a few Tweets, more coffee, listen to a little news, drink some water, go drop my waters for my run, get all my gear on - (headphones - yes headphones - sometimes I prefer talk radio and sometimes I bore with my Ipod, visor, sunglasses, Frogg Togg Chilly Pad. What can I say TIME FLIES. Finally, get out the door, do my 1 mile w/u, 2 X 1 mile, 2 X 800 (wimped out), 1 X 1 mile, 1 mile c/d and walked another half mile. Times - 7:38, 7:53, 3:52, 3:51, 7:56. So I finished without being added to one of the pics above, so that is a good day. Got my 50 for the week. Life is good! That makes me a happy girl. This week's recap - 4.5 miles walking, 50 miles running, 1 yoga class, 1 day of weights, lunges, push-ups, and 2 days of core work. Also, I've had a GREAT week of healthy, moderate eating. Not sure if it reflects on the scales, but I am hoping for good things. Either way, I am healthier for it.

Each Sunday, I reflect on my training week. I also look to the next week of training. As I look at the plan, what do a see? 4 critical training weeks ahead with my high mileage weeks being the most important. I also see - Yay! a "step back" week, starting tomorrow, Monday. This week I will run 30-35 miles, my long run will be 10, and I will have a tempo run. I do like to train hard, but I do enjoy my little breaks too. Much needed, nice balance.

Early in the post I mentioned the Frogg Togg Chilly Pad. My running partner, Amber, gave me this a few weeks ago. (she is so sweet). Normally, when we run our long runs, we take turns, putting coolers out along our course. We have waters, gatorades, and wet rags. We started the rags a couple of years ago, and we are spoiled. It really makes you look forward to that next stop to get that nice, cool rag, and wipe your face, neck, arms. It's amazing, it really gives you a boost, and now we are basically spoiled by our cool rags. Back to the Chilly pads. Amber wasn't sure about them, but the "sales" rep said "all of the football teams, etc. are using them and they are great." So she decided we needed to try them. I have used mine on several runs and I like it. The pic is embarrassing, but I wanted you to see how I use it. So at each of my water
stops, I use some of the water to re-wet my chilly pad. Before the run, I wet it and put it in the refrigerator so it is nice and cool. It really keeps your neck cool for a long time. If my waters are cold, it is a very nice treat to re-wet it, wring it out, and cool my face and neck. I don't use it for every run, but so far I really like it. Yes, it looks a little funny, but I don't care, my neck is cool (as in NOT HOT, ha ha). Didn't I tell you I am a 40 something year old runner, - "who cares already!"

(Note - I do not get paid to advertise. I do not look down on bloggers who blog to advertise. I may even do it myself one day. We do spend a lot of time with blogging, so hey, if someone can get $$s or products for doing so, more power to them. I just wanted to disclose this is just a personal opinion about this particular product. In the future, if I decide to advertise, I will disclose that too).


Meg Runs said...

Isn't being over 40 delicious? We can wear anything and not care...well almost anything. I do like the pink Frogg Togg(which I imagined was green from earlier in the post), frog, get it? Pink is so much cuter. You are in need of some cooler weater, hope it comes soon! When and where is your marathon? You might have mentioned it...sorry!
Happy Running this week!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Meg - yep so far, so good with the 40's. St. George marathon in Oct. and Tupelo marathon as a training run in Sept.

Meg Runs said...

That's right, I do remember the St. George! Are you trying to qualify for "something" special? Any specific goals in mind?

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Yay for 50 miles! Hope your next four weeks are injury free and anxiety free, too! Like that chilly pad - smart! I liked the photos of where you ran in the last post, too!