Thursday, August 6, 2009

There will be days like this!

Today, I had a tempo run on my schedule. I was tired Wed night, so I headed to bed early, had a good night sleep, slept a little extra this am. Still a little tired when I stumbled out of bed, but you know how it goes. Maybe after my warm up, I will feel better(many times I do). I am still running by heart rate, so the thought passed through my mind, because I am a little tired from the mileage this week, this tempo run will be slow because my heart rate will go up fast from being a little tired. I was OK with that plan, just gonna follow my heart. I jogged 2 miles slow to warm up and ready to start my 5.5 mile tempo run on hills. I am a half mile into the run, feeling my legs a little, but noticing, I am struggling to get my heart rate up to my tempo range. My legs are too tired to get me where I need to be. It took me 1.5 miles to get the heart rate up. If I went by pace, I was ok, but wanted to run by heart rate. So I struggled for 3 miles, trying to run fast enough to get the heart rate in range. I stopped at 3 for a water break. I wanted to do the 5.5 miles without stopping, but couldn't make it, which is ok, it's really hot and humid. So I started back and again, struggling to get the heart rate up. I get another 1.5 miles and I am DONE. I decide to bail on the last mile. At this point it's not really a tempo run anyway, it was more like fartleks or intervals, or something, I'm not really sure. So for the 4.5 (3 miles and then 1.5 miles), I averaged 8:14, then I finished out the 10 miles with a slow jog.

So, as stated previously, I'm not educated on heart rate training. Still haven't purchased any books. Today, was a shock. I was expecting a slow pace tempo. I thought with being tired my heart rate would shoot up really fast and I would just run the slow tempo, instead, by pace on the hills, it was a good tempo pace, but not really what I wanted by my heart. So now ????? - I wanted to use the heart rate monitoring because I thought it would be the best guide especially when fatigued. I was prepared to follow my heart, but my legs were too tired to respond. HHMMMM!

So today I have completed 38 of my 50. 3 days to get 12 miles, no problem. When I planned my schedule, I knew this would be a tough week. I have had 3 weeks upping the mileage - 40, 45, and this week will be 50. I needed a step back week this week, but with the 18 miler on the schedule, I needed to use this week to get the 50 miles. Next week, my long will be 10, and it will be a much needed step back week, 30-34 miles. Already looking forward to it.

Thank you Sun! The sun cooperated very nicely with my run this morning. It came out from behind the clouds when I had 1/4 mile left of my tough run. Sweet!

So, am I bummed, not at all. For me 50 miles will be sweet. Also, my training is fairly aggressive. I don't really like when I stray from "the plan", but sometimes it is the right thing to do. Today was one of those days and that's ok. There will be days like this, and I can deal with it.

I am reminded of a blog that I follow:
"There will be a day when you can no longer do this... Today is NOT that day." Frayed Laces (I love that)
I am thankful for my health.


Meg Runs said...

Yes, kudos for being a "forty-something" woman runner!! You're out there working as hard as you can and guess what? That's good enough! 50 miles will come along soon and you'll be ready!
Thanks for sharing!

Chic Runner said...

YAY! that is a lot of mileage in one week and you are churning it out :) You can keep your 26.2, I will forever have an affair with 13.1 :)