Saturday, September 19, 2009

20 miler and Taper Time!

GREAT week of training! Thurs. Chad was meeting a friend to run @ Jackson station so I rode with him and would begin the long 21 miles home. Typically, I run it from the house to the Jackson Rd. Station. That way, I run my hills first and then when I get to the trail at Epley station, the last 7 miles is flat. Today, the reverse worked in better with Chad's schedule so that was ok with me too.

This pic is not from my run on Thurs. but it is a pic of the trail.
Didn't get started until 6:40 and the start temp was around 73 degrees with a real feel of 77. The late start put me finishing the run around 10:00 am, 78 degrees with 86 degree real feel. Fun Stuff! Always, always remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. (it's Sat. and I survived the run) I had another good run.
Wed. evening, knowing how hot and humid it would be, I bailed on any attempt at a pace run. My previous plan was to run the Tupelo marathon slow and then run this last long run at race pace. O'well, I have been wanting to test the lsd runs again, so I have officially had more lsd runs than pace runs in training for St. George. I averaged 9:28 pace for the 20 miles and then walked the last mile home.
Funny of the day - just finished the 20 miles, and started walking the last mile home. Really tired. I have my headphones on - the DJ says, up next Alice in Chains has a new song out, I was curious. The song ... "Check My Brain" How appropriate!
"So I found myself in the sun, oh yeah
A hell of a place to end a run,oh yeah California,
I'm fine, Somebody check my brain"(lyrics, Check my Brain)
You guys know how it is. At this point in the training you are really starting to question your sanity, along with all of your family and friends. (this is exactly why I still prefer head phones, so much variety, new tunes, and you have these random things that happen that are so neat - for me -my headphones are better than my Ipod)
Went to yoga Thurs. evening. In fact, I made it to yoga every day this week, Mon - Sat. One more week of unlimited yoga. Friday was yoga and easy walk 30 min.
Friday night - the 5k bug hit me for a couple of reasons. I haven't raced one since July. Most of you are just getting acquainted with me and my blog. Let me just say, that is a long time for me to go without running a 5k. In training for St. George, I made an early decision to do fewer races. Again, ????? who knows which way is better. The other reason to run, a much better reason, the race was to raise money for a little boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer.
So Sat. am, off to the races. Both of my biggest race "pet peeves" happened at the race today, but when you consider what the family of this little boy is going through, you just have to "let it go." (late race start and short course - hate it) So I ran 23:00 for 3.04 miles, 7:34 pace. When I enter 7:34 for a 5k, I get an adjusted time of 23:27.
Good Things
* only 21 seconds from my pr
Reason to be really happy
*pr was on a FLAT course, this course was rolling hills.
*pr was in COLD weather, today - what else - you know it HOT & HUMID (sorry, I know you guys are sick of hearing about it) 8:00 am - 74 degrees with real feel of 83 degrees, and 93% humidity
*I haven't done any 5k speed work - I need 200s & 400s to get "5k fast"
*not in 5k race shape - I need to run several 5ks to get in "5k shape"
*I ran 20 miles on Thurs.

So now my dilemma. 21 seconds is a LOT of time in a 5k, but I am feeling really good. I have already started the internal debate about trying to pr in the 5k next weekend. There is a flat one in Biloxi next weekend. The dilemma is - that will be 1 week out from St. George. Hmmm, what to do?

Reasons to Run!
* enjoyed the 5k, want to run faster
*we are not promised tomorrow - (let's say I decide not to run the 5k, then "what if" ... I get swine flu, or worse, the next week, just before the marathon, then I will say to myself - you should have run the 5k)
*close to a pr (I'm getting old, if I have any chance to pr, I should go for it)
*will be tapering, a good time to run a 5k
*need a tempo run next week - the 5k will be close enough to my tempo run, right?
*the course will be flat next weekend
*currently they are predicting "dryer" weather for next weekend.
*I have 800s on Tues. which will be a little bit faster than mile repeats ie better 5k training.
Reasons not to Run!
*gonna have to think about it

*maybe rest, but I will need to run a 5 mile tempo run anyway.
It will depend on the weather. If we get a cool front, or dry weather,

Sunday am - will be 4 easy miles with my friend, Missy, to finish my 40 miles for the week. Looking forward to "catching up" with her on the run. We did endure the yoga/pilates class this morning together, but not much time to chat.
Next week - around 25 miles, 10 X 800 on Tues., 5k or tempo run, 8 mile long. Yoga - 4-5 times. Need to be sure to taper the food this week too. That's the hard part, my appetite will still be high, but with the lower mileage, "gotta be careful." 13 days to go!


Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Congrats on the hot 20 miler and fast 5K!

Since you want a tempo run, I guess I'd do the 5K if I were you.

RunToFinish said...

way to go on a great 20 miler and of course the 5k! I don't really have the racing bug, I just love love to run

Meg Runs said...

Great job on the 20 miler...happy tapering. I already have more energy, hope you feel the same!! Rest!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Great post, lots of interesting things in there... and your training is going so well. I don't have enough experience to help you out with the dilemma of the 5K or not, but I can cay this, listen to your heart and your body and you will know what to do... I think you told me that once!

Anonymous said...

awesome job on the 20!!! Cheers to tapering!

Someday I'll try a 5K; never really thought about doing them as part of marathon training but now I'm thinking it would be fun to try. Most people think it's nuts that I've never done one.

Tara said...

Hi Ginny! I finally found you. You were already following me, but I couldn't get to your blog from your profile for some reason.

Good job on that 20 miler and have a good taper. P.S. I hate 5K's! Cheers to anyone who likes them!

HappyTrails said...

What to do one week before St. George??? RACE the 5k!!! It's so short it is not going to tire you out for your marathon but will wake up those muscles that have gotten used to going a little slower. But don't get discouraged if you don't PR in the 5k - your focus has been on St. George and going the distance. But if you do PR the 5k (or come close!) you can paste a big smile on your face b/c you've trained for the distance and can still go fast!!! Have a blast!

kristen said...

You mean you raced a 5k the day after a 20 miler? Did I read that correctly. Wow!! If that's true, major props. Your taper week sounds intense too. Your a strong runner!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thanks for the comments.
Carlee - you must try a 5k after you recover from your marathon.
Tara - you are not alone. I have local friends that feel the same about a 5k, but I LOVE the variety and the 2 racing extremes keeps my running/racing fun and entertaining for me.
Jennifer and HappyTrails - I hear you both loud and clear. Looks like no cool front, but I may have to race anyway. I have the bug.
Kristen - I did the 20 on Thurs. and then the 5k was Sat. but of course, I was not fully recovered, so I felt good about the race.

kristen said...

Still very impressive. 20 miles is taking alot out of those legs - even if you are an experienced marathoner!! Well Done!