Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rainy mile repeats and unlimited yoga!

Monday - tough, tough workout today. Headed to the trail today a little after 8:00am. The plan was to get a total of 7 miles with a 1 mile w/u, 5 X 1 mile repeats, and 1 mile c/d. So I started and headed down toward USM. While I was in my w/u mile I saw Tracy H. and Michelle M. probably finishing up their long run in preps for an upcoming marathon. I finished the mile w/u and ran the first repeat 7:42, still heading toward USM. Nice to go down, when running mile repeats (you know mile repeats are my favs, NOT.). Unfortunately, if you start out going down, eventually you have to turn around. 2nd repeat 7:41 heading up, ouch! By the time I started the 3rd repeat, "the bottom fell out", pouring rain. It is always my intention to run with "whatever the weather gives me" for the day. My philosophy is, it may be this exact weather on race day, so I need to get accustomed to running in it. You see, I am a totally lucky and thankful girl when it comes to my running, training, health, life, etc., BUT I am NOT so lucky on race day weather. Normally, it's a "heat" thing, but who knows, this time it could be rain. So I continued on with my run. Shortly after, my good intentions gave way. With heavy shoes, heavy legs, and heavy breathing, I caved at .68 still at 7:45 pace. Ok, I will just do 2 800s, and then my other 2 mile repeats. I tried "pulverize the monster", "light as a feather","strong", "finish the workout" but my internal monster won out. Dang it! So I walked back to Jackson, got some water and regrouped. Tried waiting for the rain to let up a little, it did slack up a little, but I decided I needed to move on with the workout. So I did 2 more repeats, 7:42, and 7:51, 1 mile c/d and 1 mile walk.

So this is good and bad. Great that I finished the planned workout, kind of (too much rest between later repeats). Not so great that I let the weather "get me." This is exactly what I am talking about "improving my mental toughness."

Soooooo need to learn to push through this kind of "stuff."
This evening I lifted weights, core work, push ups, lunges and squats, and I will head to yoga this evening. It's a new yoga, pilates infusion class. 2 more weeks of unlimited yoga classes. It's really hard to make it to so many classes, but I am getting stronger each week, at a rapid pace.

Tues. - the yoga pilates infusion class was great.  It was very targeted working on the core, inner and outer thighs - exactly what I need.  Sore today, but a good sore.
Today, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill, easy pace, 10:00.  It's been a long, long time since I have run on the treadmill, not too bad.  Then this evening I went to serenity yoga.  Awesome!

Wed. will be an easy day gearing up for 18-20 on Thurs.  Looking forward to it.  The weather is going to be HOT and HUMID, but other than that, I am excited about the last long run prep before SGM.  Taper time starting Thurs. pm. 


Meg Runs said...

Your enthusiasm for what you love to do is always evident in your posts, I love reading them! You are already tough in my book but we all have our goals, right?! What is your PR goal or is it a quiet goal? Have fun on Thursday, hope it cools down for you!

lindsay said...

you have a great attitude! i am often more of the weather-wuss... letting it dictate my workout for the day. kudos to you on not backing down!

i would consider this run a victory, and i'm sure your mental toughness wasn't lost.

Meg Runs said...

Hi Ginny! It's so hot in St. George, still! That's where you live, right?
Your goal sounds good, hope it goes well. I guess you're tapering right now, hope it's going well.
Ginny, you are so very sweet. Thanks for leaving such a nice message on my blog. I really appreciate it.