Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Slaying the Fatigue Monster" (by Ingrid Loos Miller)

First I must set the record straight. Hubs read my blog recently, and informed me that I had his age incorrect. Oops! He is actually 42. At least I didn't make him older. Ha Ha! The years are going by so fast now, who can keep up?

So, I am nearing my taper, not yet, one more tough week, but as I transition to this phase of my training, I want to work on being mentally tough for St. George. I see that I have 20 days to "toughen up mentally." I think this is the final piece, to putting my total package together. In training for St. George, I have dropped some lbs. and I am eating better than ever, I have upped my training in mileage, and intensity, this last month of training, I am doing unlimited yoga, I am doing core work and lifting weights. The final piece of the puzzle is - to be determined to push through whatever comes in those last 6 miles. As you marathoners know, "the race starts at mile 20." I need to be ready to push it, and "finish this race." This is where you can help. What do you do to become mentally tough for your race? Let me say, I am not competitive with other runners, so saying look in front of you, to the next runner, and go after them, doesn't work for me. I am only competitive with myself and my results.

Recently, I posted a note on our local running club website about mental toughness.
Then my friend Susan posted this article that she came across
I like this one! "Pulverize the Monster" - will be one of the mantras I repeat in the last 6 miles. Also, I will use the following: "I am strong" and "Finish the Race"
I have also determined that I will "stick to my race day plan." as discussed with
Other than that, what else do you recommend?

Another good week of training. Basically, I took it easy most of the week. Decided I may need a little extra rest/recovery from the Tupelo Marathon. So this is what I did:
Monday - easy walk 30 min.
Tues. - core work, yoga, and easy walk 30 min
Wed - 5 miles easy @ Bent Creek - first post marathon run. Felt great except labored breathing. The air was thick for sure. yoga
Thurs - 5 miles easy, later morning run - (still trying to heat train - it may be hot by the time I make it back to St. George on race morning) yoga, core work.
Fri - walk 30 min. with Chad and Scarlett (our doggie)
Sat. - 10 mile run - pre run plan - today I wanted to run the first 2 miles slow and then run a race pace (8:55-8:59) run. I wasn't sure how I would feel. Remember, I have never run a 26.2 mile training run before. Also, the weather was a little warm, but definitely humid. I ended up having a great run. I ran at the Longleaf Trace which is a flat, rails to trails, paved run. I ended up running a ladder run, not planned, it just worked out that way. Several times I had to tell myself to slow down, which is always a great problem to have. Love it! So I ran: 9:28, 9:33, 9:20 - H20, 8:48, 8:44, 8:36,Chomps and water stop, 8:33, 8:46, 8:54, 8:42. So for the 10, I ran 8:57 pace - 1:29. Very pleased with this effort today. After the run, I rushed to the gas station, washed off a little, changed clothes, and headed to my 4th yoga class this week. (a little core work)
Sun- today I talked Audrey (the rabbit) to run with me.  We ran a nice 5 mile run @ my pace 9:17, not her pace, which is much faster.  Thanks Audrey, enjoyed catching up a little.

So I ended the week with 25 miles running with 1 quality run, roughly 6 miles walking, 4 yoga classes, core work. Also, worked on getting my eating back in line. The marathon made me so hungry, I was "out of line" for a couple of days. This is ok, but needed to get back on track, especially with my taper coming up in the near future. By the end of the week, back to the goal weight. Really working hard to "stay right."

Looking forward to your recommendations for mental strength to finish the last 6 miles.


Meg Runs said...

I really liked that article and I agree with replacing the negative thoughts and mantras with the positive. I too don't work well competing with runners in front of me so I go within and I have just found a few things that I repeat which are uplifting to me and my body. They help me pick up my pace, keep my form, smile and move forward. One is, "Quick as a bird, light as a feather." So weird, I know but I imagine my feet barely touching the ground as I glide along. I have never responded well to pulverizing, slaying or getting mad at my body but it works for my husband so I guess everyone is different!
Wow, you're tapering soon, great job!

TRI-james said...

Looks like a great week of training!

HappyTrails said...

It sounds like things are flowing nicely for you. One little thing that I run through my mind, particularly when I am suffering a bit on a long or hard run is "This will only make me stronger".
It seems to motivate me to keep pushing! I like Meg's "Quick as a bird, light as a feather" - I am going to remember that on descents. Regarding a good trail shoe for your hike after St. George, I think you should just go to your local running store and try on some of the trail running shoes and see what feels good on your feet. I sure do love shoes, though!!! :-)

lindsay said...

thanks for sharing those links! mental toughness is definitely something i need to work on these days...

stay on task! the end is so close!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

That was a great 10 mile run! I have a lot of trouble with so many miles at goal pace, but you did great!

I like all of the tips in the comments. When the running feels hard, I remind myself that it's supposed to feel hard and that it's okay to be working hard.