Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sat. South Central 5k

Well, I did decide to run a 5k but I changed the plans a little.  Originally, I was going to Biloxi because it would be a flat 5k and I "might" have a chance to pr.  During the week, I realized my "typical non luck" with weather was in store (no cool front), so I decided to go to Laurel to run the South Central 5k.  It was closer to home.  With the heat, a pr was basically out of the question.   The 5k in Laurel has rolling hills.  So Audrey and I warmed up for 1.5 miles and then we started racing.  The first mile was on pace for a pr. 7:24.  Very soon after the mile, I quickly realized it would definitely NOT be happening today.  So with the heat at 75 degrees, real feel at 85, and 92% humidity, I decided to let up just a little, and get on my marathon tempo pace of 8:00.  So for mile 2 - 8:03 and mile 3 was 7:58.  :48 for the .1.  Total time for the 5k - 24:15.  Last year I ran 24:01 at this race and I am sure that was "all out racing."

1st in my age group
My friend Terry won the race.
My friend (evil friend) Audrey beat me out of the Masters. (not in the pic)  (Congrats Audrey!).
(still hard to believe I am a master's runner - I don't feel like a master!)

 My friend Frank - as always, taking great race pics.

Sunday was my last mid length run before the marathon.  Today I headed out for an 8 mile run.  It was so nice.  Yes, it's still hot, but for the first time in about 2 weeks, the sun was out.   Thoroughly enjoyed the run, easy pace, and lots of wildflowers along the way.  Thinking about the St. George marathon during the run - good thoughts!

We have been blessed with 2 weeks of rain, and now we are blessed with pretty fall wild flowers.
(you can see the steam in the background, but surely fall flowers means  fall weather soon - I hope- cooler temps in the forecast for later this week.)


Meg Runs said...

Congrats on your race, sounds like you had fun with your friends! Once again, have fun getting ready this week, I'm very excited for you!

HappyTrails said...

Congrats on a good race - no PR but still good! You should feel good about St. George - looks like you are ready to roll! Yay, photos! Keep the pics coming - beautiful flowers. Don't you love the Fall?
K :-)

TRI-james said...

Great race!

lindsay said...

nice job in the 5k! sounds like a great improvement from last year's all-out effort - not too far off this year while holding back! congrats on the ag award!!