Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's free - sign up for sending good thoughts continues

(OK, so I came back to the post to edit it. I am officially brain dead, probably from all of the marathon training miles since June 22, my official start to training for the SGM. Anyway, the post should be to adopt mile 18-25, so I am moving all of the 26 people up to the last mile which is 25. No ultras for me yet!)

So I have been asking everyone to pick a mile, 18-25 to send me good thoughts during the St. George Marathon this Sat. Oct 3rd. I want my friends to help me get to the finish.

This is what I have so far:
1-26.2 - Dawn
Mile 8 - Jennifer the Veyo hill, brutal I'm sure
Mile 16 - Greg and Connie
Mile 17 - Christy
Mile 18 - Erin C, Chris
Mile 19 - Janet (celebrating meeting Janet @ USM and our escapades), Chris
Mile 20 - Keith, Chris, Kathleen and Steve (think of CO trails)Kelly
Mile 21 - Susan,Aunt Barbara, Sherri, Keith, Chris
Mile 22 - Meg, Keith, Chris
Mile 23 - Tara, Keith, Chris, Eric, Felice
Mile 24 - Tim, Keith Chris (smiling this mile to celebrate "the run, my health, my love of the run, etc.)
Mile 25 - Amber (if not brain dead or literally dead, remember 25 traits), Robbie, Keith, Chris, Linde, Dawn, Uncle Ray

.2 - Charles (I guess this means I'm supposed to "kick it in" like Charles would do)

I hope to add more names before Sat. Not sure how much internet time I will have after Wed. but definitely will be taking the lap top because I am slightly addicted to it.

Tonight was my last interval workout before the marathon on Sat. I fully expected it to be a solo track workout. To my surprise Charles showed up to run with me. He wanted to help me with my final workout. So nice! So we warmed up for a mile. Just as I was starting to run a few strides, Jodi arrived. Nice! Melissa was also on the track doing her own workout, and later Susan and Eric showed up. So I finished the strides and started my 11 X 400 workout. I ran the first one, and then Charles joined in for the next 8 or 9 400s with me. I averaged 1:44 for the 11 400s. After Jodi finished her warm up she joined us for several 400s also. So nice to have company for this final workout before the marathon on Sat. Jodi will be running the Chicago marathon in 2 weeks. She will have a great race. Charles, Eric, and I ran the 1 mile c/d down. I ended the night with 6 miles. We finally had a cool front last night so the track workout was so nice.
Again tonight, I feel strong and ready to run on Sat. Looking forward to it.
It will be fun, hard, beautiful, challenging, awesome, invigorating, agonizing, mind boggling, exhilarating, ..... I feel strong, I feel ready, I am tough, I can PR on Sat.

Please sign up!


HappyTrails said...

Assign us a number that you NEED filled and we'll be sending Good Colorado Trail running thoughts your way!!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Happy Trails - I will put you guys at mile 20 and I will think of all the awesome pics that I have been looking at for the past few months. I am sure Utah will have some of those beautiful sights too. Thanks

The Happy Runner said...

Sign me up! I'll send some happy, PR-rific thoughts your way!

Frosty Runner said...

I will be thinking of you at mile 21...you are awesome!