Monday, September 7, 2009

Put this marathon or 14.2 miler on your list - IF ............

1. you like to run in the heat (although this year seemed like it was probably better than most years-heat-not a problem at all for me today)
2. you like to run in the dark (5 am start)
3. you like to run some hills
4. you like small marathons
5. you like running rural routes
6. need a hilly long run in a training plan
7. you feel a burning desire to get on of these fabuloso tees (see previous blog)
"Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead"
8. you are a "little" on the crazy side

What a GREAT run in Tupelo, MS on Sunday.
Do you see the "2 thumbs up?"
(sporting my "Chilly Pad" that hubs brought me with 3 miles left - sweet!)
Finishing time 4:18 for a training run - I'll take that!
(was able to pick it up to 8:55 for the last 3 miles - first time to be able to finish strong, normally - DYING!)
The great thing about a small marathon is that you can arrive about 20 minutes before the start, head to the potty, and have plenty of time to make it to the start. (I love that). Blogger, Bamarunner and I had exchanged "Tweets" about race numbers and "race day attire" prior to our arrival, so while walking to the start, I picked out who I thought might be him, and introduced myself, yep it was Mark. We had a few minutes to chat before the beginning of the race, and then we were off and running. 5am, dark, but the moon was bright, so it was not a problem to see the road at all. For the next 11 miles we chatted about running, races, family etc. After tweeting and blogging for the past few months, it was nice to meet another runner who shares the same crazy hobby. For the first 11 miles, we averaged around 9:42 pace. A little faster than I planned to go, and a little slower than Bamarunner had planned, but it really helped to make the time fly. At that point Bamarunner took off, and I immediately slowed to my planned pace of 10:00 min. per mile. For the next 12 miles I was right around 10:00 minute miles or slower. I stopped to take pics with the phone camera. How nice is that? I have NEVER done this in a race.
"need some pics for my blog"

Uhhhh??? - not sure why all the pics are of the flats, but I promise I wasn't telling "a story" about the hills. Probably because I was afraid to stop at the bottom of any of the hills, might not start back.
At mile 23, I was back on 10:00 pace per mile, exactly. I had decided early on, to finish the race at my planned race pace for St. George. So for the last 3 miles, I averaged 8:55 pace. That was the BEST feeling! I am always "trashed" at the end of the marathon, so to be able to pick it up, and feel good doing it, was a great feeling.
Bamarunner finishes his training run for the day. Nice!
I am fully aware that most marathon programs advise against going over 20-22 miles for training, but this is something that I have been debating and wanting to do for a few years. So now I have "gone and done it!" Will it pay off, not sure, but either way, I am so glad that I tried it. A great training run!
So I ended the week with 63.2 miles of running. (Yay - new all time high for a week) 4 miles walking, 4 miles biking and 3 yoga classes. Great week of training!
So it's Monday, yes I am a little tired, but I am really feeling good. This morning I went to help with the Labor Your Legs 5k, watched my hubby(age 41) finish the 5k in 18:01, 2nd place overall (and he's not even in race shape), and then went to get in my 30 minute walk. Walking the day after a marathon really helps to loosen up, and I think it speeds my recovery. When we made it home I immediately took a short nap, and will be lazy the rest of the day.
Question - have any of you found a running skort that you REALLY like? I love the look, and I have 2 that are so comfy to wear around, but not so much for running. I can do about 5-6 miles, but no more than that. The 2 that I have, the legs "ride up" making them uncomfortable. Just curious! (Kathleen - I see that you have several, any particular brand that you like? (you look so cute in them too)


Bamarunner said...

Ginny, so great to have run w/ you. You're gonna do great at the St. George Marathon! can't wait to read about that race.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Great race report! Great finishing time - even though a fast time wasn't your goal this time. Impressive that you were able to pick the speed up to 8:55 in the last three miles!

HappyTrails said...

Awesome training run and finish time - you'll be ready to fly at St. George! I always enjoy looking at the photos!!! And YES!!! I LOVE my skirts but am choosy. I have three brands I like: I have been wearing my Atalanta skirts more lately ( I have the Commitment style - nice long shorts underneath that DO NOT ride up the legs - part of the secret is not getting too small a size, I think. The fabric is very durable and I like the two big pockets in the back. I have also been wearing my Sporthill skirts a lot( Shorter "boy" shorts underneath but very comfy - and a nice substantial fabric. I also like Skirt Sports but haven't been wearing them as much lately. The older S.S. "Gym Girl" style has nice shorts underneath but are tighter and tend to ride up my legs. The newer model might be better. The skirt itself has a very flattering cut. They are all comfy regardless of how long I am out. Hope that helps!
K :-)

Jennifer said...

Ginny- you look great coming through that finish line!

Meg Runs said...

Yippee! You did it. I'm in awe, I've never done that long of a run as a training run. So strong! How funny that all of the race photos have NO people in them. You were right, it was a small marathon. I don't think I've ever seen one of those.
Great job, great time and you seem spry still! All in all, a success!
By the way, you asked me about the elevation and YES, I noticed it right away, especially as we approached the top. My heart rate went up and everything go heavier...of course that was around the top after 10 miles...but I did feel oddly different.
Congrats Happy Girl,

Ulyana said...

A negative split at a marathon????? EXCELLENT! GOOD JOB!

And that's some impressive mileage!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thanks for the comments.
Happy Trails - thanks for the skirt info. I've been looking at the sites you mentioned. Will give some of them a try.

Meg - yes, I think there were around 180 in the marathon and maybe 200 in the 14.2 mile. Yikes - I hate to hear about the altitude issues. Maybe St. George will be different for me because we will start at the top @ 5500 and head down. I hope it will be ok. To be continued...

lindsay said...

This sounds like a good race. I prefer smaller marathons too for the easier logistics. As long as they have frequent water stops I'm good to go! Love that you ran a marathon as a training run! I've done it once before so I don't see any problem with it :)

TX Runner Mom said...

I just found your blog. Way to go on the race!

Robbie said...

Great run! I know you are proud...BUT a "training" run??? I admire you! Keep it up!

Meg Runs said...

Ginny, thanks for your thoughts on my upcoming race. I really appreciate your attitude, I will just go for enjoy it. It's just good to go out and see what this new type of run is thanks again!
I'm excited for you and St. George. Everyone says it's a beautiful race!